The progressive globalization is a process that provides a lot of opportunities also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Meanwhile, more than 50% of the German commercial agencies cooperate with foreign businesses. To benefit from the full potential of such cooperations it is necessary that the law matches the needs of the economic participants. Furthermore, the maintenance and intensification of international contacts is a huge competitive advantage. CDH is active and successful in both areas.

We are active for you

The CDH influences European legislation by various instruments and defends the interests of their members in different international fora. By submitting numerous statementents and participating in committees of the EuroCommerce – the European umbrella organization of trade based in Brussels – the CDH promotes clearly the interests of its members towards EU institutions.

Demands of the CDH in the European context

  • Reducing bureaucracy of summary statements and simplification by making the taxable time of execution based on the payment of commission.
  • No further regulations that threaten the status of self-employment of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Extension of the Commercial Agents Directive to all self-employed persons that are involved in the sales organization of their principals like commercial agents (e.g. distributors, franchisees, insurance agents).