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Competence for distribution

Benefit from our expertise in distribution


The Centralvereinigung Deutscher Wirtschaftsverbände für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb (CDH) e.V. is the leading national federation that represents the interests of German Commercial Agents and distributors.

Since 1902 CDH is the leading German organisation for commercial agents and distribution. About us

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10117 Berlin
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Finding commercial agencies
the German platform for commercial agents and manufacturers/suppliers



Model Contracts

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Key to the German market: Commercial agents

How producing companies from outside Germany can enter the German market

Producing businesses from outside Germany often use commercial agents to sell their own manufactured products locally. They are distribution specialists with a high knowledge of their market sector they represent companies locally on the German market and sell the companies´ goods to clients in Germany. Commercial agents negotiate transactions for other companies or conclude transactions on behalf of them. Especially on the B2B level commercial agents play a very significant role.

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International Commercial Agents’ Days of the CDH Organisation

Again this year, many national associations of CDH organize international trade representative days. It offers interesting presentations, cooperation exchanges with foreign manufacturers and the opportunity to exchange ideas. The events are aimed at sales representatives, manufacturers and interested organizations.

Finding commercial agencies

Commercial agents intermediate the sales of goods between businesses of all market levels e.g. between industry and retail or wholesale and retail. They manage almost all sales tasks. Besides this there are also other forms of distribution that perform similarly in the B2B area e.g. brokers, distributors, sales engineers.

You are a business looking for commercial agents?  Benefit from our know-how and find your perfect distribution partner!

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IUCAB – George Hayward Award

The IUCAB International Agent of the Year “George Hayward Award” was created by the Executive Committee of IUCAB following the passing away in May 2009 of Mr. George Hayward, the first elected US Vice President of IUCAB.

come into contact – Leading Business Platform for Sales and Distribution is an international platform for establlishing international business relations between commercial agents and manufacturers/suppliers from all over the World.

Advertise on come-into-contact to find your business partner!

Are you looking for commercial agents to sell and/or distribute your products? come-into-contact is the platform for distribution! Through the qualification according to industry sectors, product assortment, and products, you address the specialists in these areas. In addition, you can qualify your offer according to customer base and distribution territory, thus further limiting your searches. With the email push service, commercial agents in the Agent Directory are directly informed of your offer.

The database of come-into-contact is offered by IUCAB. As a result of close cooperation between its Member Associations all over Europe and North America, IUCAB represents a huge international resource of knowledge and information on matters relating to the commercial agency profession covering commercial, promotional and legal issues. The CDH is a member of IUCAB.
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