CDH Research Association

Chairman of CDH Research Association:
Eberhard Runge, Hamburg

Deputy Chairmen of CDH Research Association:
Dr. Wolf-Michael Müller, Hannover

Comittee of CDH Research Association:
Ralf Pape, Großhandsdorf
Dipl.- Ing. Karsten Rottmann, Hamburg
Kai-Michael Stegemann
, Kiel
Christoph Schlenk, Blaustein

Managing Director of CDH Research Association:
Eckhard Döpfer, Hauptgeschäftsführer der CDH, Berlin

The CDH Presidium is represented by CDH Vice President Ralf Pape.

CDH Research Association – An institution between science and practice

Every sales professional – be it an commercial agent, distributor or sales engineer – who thinks about the future knows that selling and securing the business depends on profound know-how. In addition to our regional CDH associations that deal with daily problems it is necessary that an institution like the CDH research association provides research in business foundations and develops concepts and solutions for the professional practice.